A Cut Above The Rest

Unique to the recycled rubber footing arena, Safe-T-Footing is a superior product. Proprietary processing enables the product to be wire free while allowing the material to be manufactured larger than the competitors products. This allows the material to stay put.

Features & Benefits
  • Safe-T- Footing encourages horses to. Stretch down and lift his back. This type of movement reduces concussion and splinters.
  • Safe-T-Footing does not displace. Size of material and composition of product allows for sure confident footing.
  • Minimal Dust. Healthier environment for horse and rider.
  • Will not decompose. Last a lifetime (saving $) and does not promote the growth of bacteria and fungus also contributing to a healthier environment for horse and rider.
  • Material composition creates an interlocking, mat like surface. Dragging, watering and maintenance are kept to a minimum.
  • Does not freeze. Allows the use of the arena all year long.
  • Does not float away. Will not have to replace (saving $).


Proven in Europe. Five-year history in England with Safe-T-Footing. Trainers and riders throughout Great Britain prefer Safe-T-Footing to all other footings.

Proven and Tested in USA. One full year testing in indoor and outdoor facility, owned and endorsed by AHSA R Dressage Judge and trainer Susan Carr.

Susan Carr, American Horse Show Association (AHSA) Dressage Judge often writes on competitors dressage tests: "Would like to see horse stretch forward downward into the bridle more and become more supple over the topline."

Last fall, Susan Carr installed Safe-T-Footing in her outdoor riding arena. Three weeks later, she had it put in her indoor arena as well. She writes us that "everyone who has ridden on it has loved it; Safe-T-Footing encourages the horse to stretch properly and develop the topline correctly. The maintenance requirements are minimal, which is very fortunate, because the tragedy of a barn fire has left our farm without a tractor. Thus, neither one of the arenas have been raked or leveled in five months (since the fire). Safe-T-Footing has held up incredibly with minimal displacement and no dust."
Susan's nearby neighbor, a Grand Prix jumper rider, also tried Safe-T-Footing, and endorsed it by saying "How can I get a load for my arena?"

Recommended installation of material combines 3 to 4 inches of Safe-T-Footing with 2 to 3 inches of sand.

Retrofit your existing arena!!!

You no longer need to replace your compacted blue stone or sand arenas. After turning your arena add Safe-T-Footing to the hard packed base and get the lift you always wanted. Safe-T-Footing can be added for a minimal cost compared to resurfacing your entire arena.

Safe-T-Footing is a subsite of Emanuel Tire